Lives and works in Zürich

2013/15           MA (Sculpture) Royal College of Art, London
2010                  Master in Secondary Education (Visual Arts), IUFE, University of Geneva
2007                HEAD Geneva University of Art and Design (Degree with distinction)
2004/5             Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Socrate exchange)


Kunsthalle Arbon – Curiosity killed the cat – solo show curated by Deborah Keller, Arbon (August)
La Rada – title (TBC) – group show curated by Elisa Rusca, Locarno (May)

Spazio Lampo/Ex Bar Mascetti, Biennale dell’Immagine – Miky Maoys – group show, Chiasso
zqm – With two naked eyes watching slime on the ocean floor – solo show, Berlin
Urgent Paradise, residency, Lausanne (10.11.2019 – 10.12.2019)
Alte Fabrik, Grosse Regionale – group show, Rapperswil
Dienstgebäude – SNAKE OIL – solo show, Zürich
A-DASH – Time Takes Time – group show, Athens
Dienstgebäude – Catch of the year 2019 – group show, Zürich

Museum Haus Konstruktiv Werkschau Kanton Zürich – group show, Zürich
Aletsch Mass in motion, MATZA Aletsch, 27.8 – 9.9.2018
Garage – Soluble – solo show, Zürich
Spazio Lampo 
– From cities to us – group show, Chiasso

Dienstgebäude – Catch of the year 2017 – group show, Zürich
MOREL – Untitled duet – show with Nastasia Meyrat, Lugano

CAC Genève – Bourses Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevallier et Galland – group show, Geneva
Minshar gallery – Transmission – group show, Tel Aviv
Rietberg Museum – Carnage – group show, curated by Francesca Brusa, Zürich
Kunst(zeug)haus – Schena da vedro – group show, Rapperswil
BIG (Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants), group show, Geneva
Deptford X gallery – Tonic Immobility – solo show, curated by Rice + Toye, London
Jardins du château de Vuillerens – Jeunes pousses – group show, curated by Karine Tissot (CACY) Centre d’art contemporain, Yverdon
Office at Räffelstrasse – Wasteland pavillon – group show, Zürich
Lokal-int – Art Babel – group show, Bienne
Le Labo – Twin Twist – show with Aloïs Godinat, Geneva

Dienstgebäude – Catch of the year 2016– group show, Zürich 
ON/OFF – Kunst 16
with Dienstgebäude, Zürich
Chalton Gallery – I don’t wanna Curate anymore, I just wanna accumulate content group show, London

Art Athina – Contemporary Art Fair, Athens
Fonderie Kugler
– Antidisciplinaire – collaboration with the contemporary ensemble Vidya, (14.04.2016)

Alte Krone – Organic – group show, Biel
Museo Civico Villa dei Cedri – Dimensione disegno. Posizioni contemporanee – group show, Bellinzona
Vitrine Gallery – A Journey from a sweeping gesture to a lasting effect – group show, Basel

Dienstgebäude – Catch of the year 2015 – group show, Zürich 
Raw Art Gallery
– Finals – group show, Tel-Aviv

Royal College of Art – MA Show RCA 2015 – group show, London
Camden Arts Centre – Pause Patina – group show, London
Platform Gallery – N2 – group show, London
Half A Dozen Projects – solo show, London

– Catch of the year 2014 – group show, Zürich 
La Rada
the Chase group show, Locarno  
Grünerløkka Kunsthall /Podium–
We met at the far end of the landscape and both acted shygroup show, Oslo
Flat Time House
group show , London
Dyson Gallery – Nocturnegroup show, London

Edinburgh College of Art –RCA_ECAgroup show, Edinburgh
Royal College of Art – Work in Progress show – group show, London

CAC Genève – Bourses Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevallier et Galland – group show, Geneva
Austellungsraum – Part II Insert: stall – group show, Klingental
United art fair, in collaboration with Pro Helvetia New Delhi, New Delhi
Knoerle and Baettig – The Language of Mangroup show, Winterthur
Milkshake Agency – solo show, Geneva
Art Athina – Contemporary Art Fair, Athens
Le Labo
– Méfie-toi de la surface des choses – group show, Geneva

Supermarket – Independent art fair – Stockholm
Over reconstruction, intervention, Rue Henri-Frédéric-Amiel 9, 1203 (2nd -3rd floor) Genève

L’atelier kunst (spiel)Raum – Die Quadratur des Kreises –  solo show, Berlin
Schwarzwaldallee – Bounding Volume – duo show with Bianca Brunner, Basel
– Kunst(shot) Empty space – group show, Berlin

Institut National Suisse – Prix du dessin 2011 – group show, Geneva
Swiss Art Awards – Concours Kiefer Hablitzel – Messe, Basel
Nextex –
3:57 – group show, Saint Gall

Musée Rath – Rathania’s – group show curated by Fabrice Gygi, Geneva
Halle Nord Art en Ile –Hors Bords –  group show, Geneva
Fonderie Kugler – Kugler Remix – group show, Geneva

Lange + Pult – Monochrome (part 2) – group show, Zürich
Le Futur Antérieur Section – solo show, Geneva
La Dependance – Désordres – group show, Renens
Galerie Une – Monochrome (part one) – group show, Auvernier-Neuchâtel
Museo Cantonale D’arte – Che c’è di nuovo ? – group show, Lugano
Halle Nord Art en Ile – Streamliner – group show, Geneva

Le Labo Senza ombra di dubbio – solo show, Geneva
Espace Kugler – Dessin aujourd’hui et demain – group show, Geneva
CAC Genève – Bourses Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevallier et Galland – Geneva
Musée Rath – Post tenebras luxe – group show, Geneva
Kunstmuseum Thun – Under 30 – group show, Thun
Vegas Gallery / Forde Genève – I am by birth a Genevese – group show, London
Swiss Art Awards – Concours Kiefer Hablitzel – Messe, Basel
Mottattom – Backlash – group show, Geneva

Forde – Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein – group show, Geneva
MOYA Museum of young art –  Moya annuale 08, Vienna
Scope International Contemporary Art Fair with KunstWollen, Basel
Mulhouse Oo8 Parc Des Expositions, Mulhouse, France
Ewz-Uterwerk Selnau – Plattform08, Zürich
Gallery White 8 – Islam – ein Dialog – group show, Villach, Austria
Les Halles De La Fonderie – La possibilité d’un alliage – group show, Carouge

Villa Du Jardin Alpin – Closer – show with Marta Riniker-Radich, Meyrin
Villa Dutoit – Déjà ailleurs – group show, Geneva
Basta espace d’art contemporain – Ballade pour un serre cueille – group show, Lausanne

White8 Galerie – Close –  solo show, Villach, Austria
Duplex – Noir ET/OU blanc – group show, Geneva

Museum of Applied Arts – Real Presence – group show, Belgrade
Gallery Area 53 –  Weibliche Positionen zur skulptur – group show,Vienna
Bildhauerateliers –  Grüss Gott – group show, Vienna
Atelierhaus Der Akademie – Imported – group show, Vienna
Fluc – Medialisirung/Arbeit/Spatilisirung/(Re)Politisierung – group show,
curated by Marina Grzinic et Monica Bonvicini, Vienna

Palais De l’Athenée – Vous êtes ici – group show, Geneva


Werkbeitrag Kanton Zürich
Pro Helvetia Residency, Johannesburg, South Africa
(Production grant) Patronagefonds for young Swiss artists, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel

(Production grant) Erna and Curt Burgauer Foundation, Zürich
(Production grant) Swiss Cultural Fund UK, London
(Production grant) Fond cantonale d’art contemporain & Fond municipale d’art contemporain, Geneva
Residency PicNic, Bruxelles
Residency Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Zug, Switzerland
(Production grant) Fond cantonale d’art contemporain & Fond municipale d’art contemporain, Geneva
Grant from the Hélène et Victor Barbour foundation, Geneva

(Production grant) Fond municipale d’art contemporain, Geneva
Kiefer Hablitzel Preis, Swiss Art Awards, Basel

Kunstsammlung Stadt Zürich

ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank
Kunstsammlung Kanton Zürich


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